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The Elric Brothers and the Mary-Sue Fanfic
Fandom: Fullmetal Alchemist
Universe: Any! Sometime in the early days of any of the verses
Spoilers: None
Rating: PG (mostly for Ed's language, which is based directly off the anime)
With a sigh, Edward Elric plopped a stack of books onto the desk. A puff of dust rose from the neglected furniture, but Ed ignored it as he surveyed the collection laid out before him. Piles of books lay strewn about the small dorm room in disarray, stacked everywhere from the desk, to the floor, to the beds. A stream of afternoon sunlight filtered through the dirty window onto the floor, illuminating the particles drifting lazily in the air and casting a golden glow on the dusty old books.
Al shuffled by, carrying another stack and setting them carefully on the floor by another mountain of research material.
Ed sneezed, rubbed his nose with his flesh hand and nodded in approval. "Looks good, Al.  Now to see if Colonel Idiot is right about these." He flopped onto the
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Fanfiction for Samurai 7, a very under-appreciated show. Even if it IS sad.

Contains massive spoilers for the end of the series. Rewrites the ending of a certain character. If you haven't watched the series all the way through and intend to at some point, SKIP this fic!
It was getting dark and the wind was picking up an unpleasant chill. I should have stopped work hours ago, but my restless mind would not settle down. My intention had been to try to work my problems out through my hands, but it was no use.
Considering that I had simply made progress in the rice field… Well, it hadn’t been a waste.
I dried my hands on my skirts and took a last look at the skyline, blazing in the setting sun. If I had blinked just once in that moment, I might have missed the figure that stumbled to the ground, the shadow of it’s form against the vivid setting sun blinking out as it collapsed into the tall grass surrounding t
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The bright green of the shirt twinkled up at her invitingly. Behind the sparkling glass of the LA high end outdoor shopping mall, it waited, just out of reach in more ways than one.
The light reflecting in the window was dazzling. And whether by the heat of the sun or the blazing of the green shirt, somehow or other, her mind was dragged into the past without her consent…
“Green is SO not in this season. Why are these shoes still being displayed? Ugh, for real…”
“I actually really like green, no matter the season.”
She turned to look at him in surprise.
Seeing her expression, he smiled. “Green is such a hopeful color. The color of rebirth, growth and life. Of youthful plants pressing their way out of the earth. Of trees regeneration after bitter winter. Of all the good, living, bountiful earth And that… That never really goes out of style.”
She had walked out of the store with those shoes on her feet
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So I'm pretty much done with a very odd, very silly Fullmetal Alchemist fanfic. But I'm afraid that portions of it are not quite what I would want them to be.

The story is about "What if someone shoved a Mary-Sue fanfic about Ed and Al under their door? And they read it?"

So it's in two parts; A Mary-Sue fanfic + the "real" fanfic with the brothers reacting to the stupid Mary-Sue story.

But while I'm enjoying and feeling mostly comfortable with the "real" fanfic, I'm really nervous about the Mary-Sue.
Weird, but hear me out: Mary-Sue's ride a fine line between annoying and hilarious. "legolas by laura" is a prime example of a hilarious Mary-Sue, but totally out of my league. I mean, seriously. True greatness there.
I'm just afraid I'm only in "annoying" territory, which isn't my goal at all.

Sooooo... I doubt anyone pays attention to me since I'm barely active, but if there are any FMA fans out there possibly willing to read my 2nd draft with fresh eyes and let me know what they think, I'd be most grateful!


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